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Please join our effort to preserve the environmental treasure which is Todos Santos, by signing this petition. We’ve slowed down if not stopped the pit gold mine that would have destroyed the local water. 2 minutes of your time could have a huge impact in an election year!

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2 Responses to “Help Preserve Todos Santos”
  1. RET says:

    Preserve Todos Santos? I was first there in 1990. My wife and I took the local bus from San Lucas. Hardly a gringo in town besides us. TS still had a very Mexican feel as things weren’t changed to suit people up north. Saw many changes in 2003 and 2005. They weren’t in the way of keeping the original feel of the town. It changed in a way to make the newbies feel comfortable the way they felt at there original homes. Preserve Todos Santos? I’m very sad to say it has changed for the worst from the quaint place it once was. That little town is gone forever. People move to places because they like what they see. Then they change it to feel more comfortable. Soon the original flavour is history. Next KFC? But keep up what you’re doing to stop further change. Keep it small.


  2. jim.pickell says:

    Ultimately the only true path to preservation is a moratorium on growth. Obviously in most situations that is not feasible. However, we tend to believe there’s a middle path which involves sustainable and responsible development in accordance with a well conceived master plan. There are other models out there throughout the world where environmental tourism is THE attraction and, as such, all decisions regarding growth are made with that back-drop.

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